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Make wellbeing a competitive advantage with our organisation wide coaching services 

To be successful in uncertain times, we must be resilient and proactive. This requires interventions at both the individual and the organisational level. We build comprehensive wellbeing programmes for organisations aiming to create cultures that drive high performance with sustainability at its core.

The link between wellbeing and high performance

Science shows that physical and mental wellbeing is the foundation of sustainable high performance. In organisations, sleep deprived leaders running on caffeine, stress, back to back meetings and snacks are unlikely to make good decisions or lead the teams wellbeing long term. Using individual coaching, mentoring and executive workshops, we create a tailored wellbeing and performance programme to fit your organisation.

Designing a culture of wellbeing and performance

Individual wellbeing, while beneficial, is no longer enough. Modern organisations need to design practices, structures, and a culture that can weather a storm. The business case for organisational wellbeing is clear: reduced absenteeism and presenteeism, higher engagement, and better retention all drive superior performance. Our wellbeing programmes involve executive commitment, middle management coaching and employee engagement for lasting cultural change.

Wellbeing as part of strategy

Wellbeing should always be designed as a quantifiable strategy. Here's our process for doing just that:

  • Diagnose the organisation
  • Plan the programme
  • Act out targeted interventions
  • Systematically measure and adjust

With a systematic approach, we can help you make informed decisions about your wellbeing strategy to reduce burnout risk and boost resilience, (while optimising you investment). 

Our services for businesses

1. Diagnose & Plan

To reach your goals, you need to know what to improve. Assess your organisation's current state, plan interventions, measure results, and adjust as necessary.

2. Motivate & Inspire

No motivation, no results. Raise awareness and spark motivation throughout your organisation with workshops, webinars, wellbeing events, and communication campaigns.

3. Coach & Support

Get results with performance coaching services for leaders and motivated individuals. Involve larger audiences using our bespoke webinars and wellbeing events.

A few of the solutions we offer

Unlocking Hidden Performance

We help unlock hidden performance and have people perform instinctively and intuitively by helping them understand how the mind works.

Optimising Wellbeing

The hallmark of our work is being results driven and people focused meaning that wellbeing and sustainability is at the centre of all that we do.

Increasing Sales Revenue 

We help sales teams increase sales revenue and smash targets by seeing what’s hidden in plain sight, with less effort, time and stress.

Coaching Executives & Leaders

We help executives and business leaders to gain clarity, perform better and make more intelligent decisions both at a macro and micro level.

Solving Intractable Problems

We help solve seemingly intractable problems even when previous attempts have been unsuccessful and the situation feels impossible.

Creating Thriving Cultures

We help people realise that culture change is not the tip of the spear but the wake that follows, in the same way that behaviour follows thought.


Damian Hall

Chief Operating Officer at N21 Group: Silverbean Global, North & Ortus. Global MD Silverbean

"I have benefited from Tony's expertise both personally and professionally.

Tony has a remarkable ability to generate tremendous results in a very unique way, with the individuals needs at the centre of everything he does. You will not meet a more genuine person and if you want to start moving toward greater success.

I have no hesitation in recommending Tony to both individuals and corporations."

Mark Smith

UK Sales Manager at Hochiki Europe

"Tony carried out his state of the mind training with my sales team in May 2015. I was apprehensive at first as this was certainly not the normal type of training for my guys. I have to say that the 2 day course was a breath of fresh air. Tony delivers the training in a relaxed atmosphere. The team hung on every word. In terms of results, we are showing huge improvement with our sales performance, but more importantly, the team are able to deal with situations more effectively with a clearer mind. I can't thank Tony enough for not only delivering a great course, but also opening our minds to a new way of understanding... many thanks Tony.. We will certainly be using your services in the future..."

Ivan Ntwali

Country Director at GiveDirectly. Rwanda

"Few people have had the opportunity to have a coach but I was one of the lucky ones when I got introduced to Tony earlier this year. I have had the pleasure of working with Tony for the last four months. I have been particularly impressed with Tony’s ability to listen empathetically and his ability to help you connect and understand your inner self as you embark on a journey of self discovery.

When I started with Tony, I came as a victim that attributed my failures to others in the form of prejudice and unfairness. He made me realise in the words of Chimamanda, ”the danger of a single story” except in this case the story is one that our mind sells to us. He opened my eyes to the realm of endless possibilities that the mind can conjure up. He has helped me realise how my mind works, this has helped me to be gentler to myself and to enjoy the output of my work. As a result I have overcome a lot of the anxiety problems that I previously struggled with as I struggled for perfection. I have a more balanced emotional and mental wellbeing. This has, in turn, been translated in more performance and better vibes in the workplace with positive spillovers to the morale and performance of my team.

If you are looking to understanding your mind and get it to work for you - Tony is your guy. As a coach, Tony earns my highest recommendation."

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