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Do you aspire to excellence in your life?


If so, then read on.

Working with me is not your typical coaching experience. I wake you up to your true potential. To help you stop playing small and see what is truly possible for you.

I will help you see a different way of showing up powerfully in the world, one that shows you that true power lies within you. In seeing this, you will transform from the 'inside out' and start living with a deeper sense of freedom and creativity, leading to the transformation you’ve always wanted.

Who I Work With

Freedom Seekers

& Adventurers

Are you an individual who feels unfulfilled and not as happy as you'd like to be? Maybe your Mojo's gone AWOL. You might even appear successful on the outside, but if what's going on inside doesn't match,  you have a problem. I can help you change this.

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& Coaches

Are you an entrepreneur or coach, who seems to get lost in all the things you have to do, like too many ideas and not enough time, and however successful or challenged you are right now, it can still feel like an uphill struggle? I can help you find a way forward.

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SME's &


Are you or your organisation being tasked to do more with fewer resources? Is team morale and wellbeing at an all-time low? If so, I can help you to effectively and efficiently resolve the issue without working yourself or your employees harder or longer.

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Who I Am


Some might call me a life coach, leadership coach, high-performance coach or mindset coach, and others call me a mentor and guide 

What I really do is help my clients dramatically change the direction of their lives. This could be within their career, their start-up, their personal relationships or concerning their health or finances.

I started coaching in 2009 and have coached people around money, career, business, leadership, sports, relationships and more. 

All my work is informed by my understanding of the principles behind our state of mind. I find when one understands the logic behind our behaviours, the behaviours change almost effortlessly.

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Words From My Clients

Neil Eves - Systems Manager.

"The training was enlightening and had a positive impact almost immediately. It would benefit any organisation’s staff, on a working and personal level, to strip back the way we think and understand what makes us tick. Thoroughly recommended!"

Jay Coshan

Former online high stakes poker professional.

"Tony is a true gentleman and someone I very much look up to, a charismatic and professional guy who is passionate about people and life.

Tony has aided me over the years in many different areas, most notably would be the world of online high-stakes poker when I was a professional, I have always tried to seek ways to improve my edge. 

Tony’s ability to help me understand more deeply the connection between high level performance and the mind helped me both on and off the table, he made it clear that the two need to be in harmony to be a well-rounded person and maintain that winning spirit long term.

I highly recommend Tony to anyone in the world of sport or business looking to optimise their performance and most importantly find that healthy life balance, otherwise what’s the point!"

Julian Bailey - Regional Sales Manager.

"A very clear understanding of life’s barriers, where they come from and more importantly, there lack of meaning in reality.  An excellent mind bender."

Jayne Griffiths - Regional Sales Manager.

"It was probably the most simplistic training I have ever had, but will be the most effective, I would recommend to others without any doubt."

Julie Dawes

Wealth Management Associate Partner.

"I first met Tony in 2016, at the time I was a Sales Manager and Tony put together a brilliant two day event for around 12 members of my sales team. On the first day we started out as 12 people who worked together, by the end of the second day we were 12 friends who looked at each other and the world around us in a different and energised way - it was an amazing experience.

It changed the way in which you felt, responded and looked at life and yourself and as a consequence work and life got better and better - this was down to Tony’s brilliance, the way he somehow makes you really question things - although there may be barriers in the beginning for some it really is like Yoga for the mind, what seemed impossible suddenly starts to happen.

I have kept in contact with Tony since 2016 and over that time my dreams have become a reality, so if you haven’t already spoken to Tony on a personal or business level you really need to, he will open your mind to dream big and love life."

How I Can Help You

Private Coaching

I offer bespoke private coaching aimed at helping you achieve the transformation you desire in your life or business. Each coaching session is customised based on your individual goals, needs, and any specific challenges that arise during our work together.

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Executive Coaching

I offer bespoke executive coaching aimed at elevating your and your teams performance, enjoyment and impact in the workplace. Each session is tailored to address your unique goals, individual needs, and any unforeseen challenges that may arise throughout our work together.

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I offer 3-day intensives aimed at waking you up to your true potential. To help you stop playing small, however successful you already are, and see what is truly possible for you. I will help you see a different way of showing up in the world, with more creativity and freedom.

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A 4-month programme for individuals committed to radical change, culminating in a 3-day residential experience where we uncover misunderstandings and blindspots that are getting in your way. This ensures that this isn’t just a seminar high but a permanent shift.

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