My Story

Where it began 

Over 45 years ago I became fascinated with human potential, what makes people tick and has them feel unstoppable one day and bat shit crazy the next. This is how I find myself doing what I do today - helping people step into the most powerful version of themselves. 


The personal stuff

  • I was invited into a conversation with Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street’s) company, about becoming their in-house mental performance specialist.
  • I spent 2 years training to be a stuntman, (skydiving, martial arts, gymnastics, trampolining, high board diving and stunt driving). 
  • I went from a council house in Leeds to a beachside home in Sandbanks.
  • I spent most of my childhood feeling worthless, helpless and ashamed, and as a kid was bullied most days.
  • I got free school meals and school clothes and, while I’ll be forever grateful, whoever decided to have free school lunch tickets a different colour to paid lunch tickets didn’t think it through very well.
  • I started six businesses, two were good, two were ok and two were financial failures.
  • I've launched numerous products and programmes that crashed and burned.
  • I've been £120,000 in personal debt. 
  • I'm a 2 x black belt martial artist. 


  • Lessons learned along the way

  • Our default setting is confident, happy, creative and connected.
  • Our resilience and ability to bounce back is mind-blowing.
  • We're only ever one thought away from a different reality.
  • The mind only works one way (inside out).
  • The mind has an in-built design for success.
  • We live in a thought-created psychological reality.
  • Who I'm a good fit for


    If you are ready to stop playing small and you want to become, overcome or do something differently in your life, and you're committed to taking action even if the thought of it fills you with dread, we’ll likely be a great fit.

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